Thank you for your interest in the ORIMA COVID-19 Recovery Tracker (CRT) project.

The CRT will show how the pandemic affects our community, our sense of control and mood, and tracks changes over time as we recover. It will show us which parts of our community are affected, and which parts recover faster or slower.

The CRT survey will take about 3–5 minutes to complete. If you have time, there is a second section which will take you about another 5–6 minutes.

We encourage people to complete the survey every few months so we can see how things are changing. Please also share the survey with other people or organisations you know.

At the end of the survey you will see how you compare to others.

Survey results are updated on the ORIMA Research website (

For more information or queries please email: [email protected].

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All CRT questions in this survey except for Core q5 are copyright ORIMA Research 2020. They should not be used or reproduced without permission. Contact [email protected] for more information.