The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 recognises family violence as physical, economic, psychological and sexual, and that it can happen in different kinds of family relationships.

A range of workforces play important and different roles in preventing and responding to family violence and violence against women. This was recognised by the Royal Commission into Family Violence and is reflected in the Victorian Government’s long-term plan to equip and support workers to prevent and respond to family violence.

This 2019 Census of Workforces that Intersect with Family Violence is being conducted on behalf of Family Safety Victoria by ORIMA Research, an independent market and social research company.

What is the purpose of the Census?

The Royal Commission into Family Violence highlighted the lack of detailed knowledge and essential workforce data about family violence in Victoria.

The Victorian Government has committed to addressing this gap and the census is an important part of this commitment.

The 2019 census will survey people across the range of workforces that play a role in preventing, identifying and responding to family violence to better understand the nature of these workforces. This includes workers across a wide range of workforces that come into contact with, or provide support or assistance in family violence, even if it is not the main focus or function of their role.

Why should I participate in the Census?

The Census is an opportunity for you to highlight key issues that you face in the course of your work that are related to family violence.

The findings of this census will help us to better understand the breadth and nature of workforces that come into contact with family violence, identify opportunities to build on knowledge, support and capability, as well as build on what we know in order to maintain our commitment to keep improving family violence prevention and response in Victoria.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified the need to ensure that all workforces are capable of fulfilling their particular role in preventing and responding to family violence.

You have been invited to complete the survey as you have been identified as working in a role that is potentially in scope for the survey. The target audiences for this survey include those who work in a role or roles:

  1. Where family violence / violence against women is not the significant focus of their role but are sometimes in contact with victim survivors or perpetrators of family violence and required to deal with the impacts of family violence.
  2. Who work directly with victim survivors, perpetrators or cases of family violence as a family violence response specialist OR Work directly with family violence response specialists as a manager, supervisor or trainer; or in a capacity building, policy or practice development role.
  3. Where a significant focus of their role is working to prevent family violence through systemic / organisational / community-level initiatives (primary prevention).

The first few questions in the survey will determine whether you are in the target audience for this survey.

How long will the survey take?

This survey expected to take 15-25 minutes to complete, depending on which participant group you belong to. You may start the survey and return to it at a later stage should you wish to complete it in more than one sitting. Please submit your responses by 5pm AEDT Friday 28 February 2020. Thank you in advance for your time with this important project.

Should you have accessibility requirements related to completing the online survey, please phone ORIMA Research who can assist (1800 654 585 toll free during business hours).